Spanish classes celebrate Mexico’s independence day


Kayleigh Rhodes

“Viva Mexico!”

One student wrapped Mexico’s flag around themselves and shouted the grito for Mexico’s Independence Day.

Last Friday, the Spanish classes celebrated the special day with tres leches cake and a yell called a grito.

“We were outside for two minutes screaming,” sophomore Colby Menefee said. “It was an experience.”

The reason students did the grito is because of Mexico’s famous ritual. Every year at 11 PM on September 16th, the Mexico’s president goes into the city and screams the infamous war cry of the Mexican warriors during their Revolutionary War.

“Growing up, I remember watching it on TV every year,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “I always thought it was so inspirational.”

The students said that this was a fun and entertaining celebration. Students have been learning about September 16, 1810, the start of the Mexican War for Independence.

“I have learned more in this class than I ever knew before,” junior Alex Dawson said. “I always thought May fifth was their independence day.”

From this, the classes learned the difference between Cinco de Mayo and Mexico’s Independence Day. They also learned about the Mexican heritage.

“Mexico didn’t have independence until after the battle with Spain,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “This really helped me learn more about my ancestors.”