Teacher Spotlight: Debra White


Stefani Trejo

For new Algebra and MMA teacher, Debra White, a new school is nothing new.

White has been teaching for several years now. She’s taught in many places, from the central United States to east coast.

“I started teaching in Nebraska and went on from there,” White said. “I’ve taught in Iowa, District of Columbia, and little towns around here as well.”

Although she loves being a teacher, it wasn’t her first career choice. During college, White was planning to major in Pre-Vet. Due to her dyslexia, couldn’t get through Organic Chemistry. She later decided to transfer her credit to become a teacher.

“I never thought about being a math teacher,” White said. “It wasn’t until I was about 21 when I even thought about teaching.”

White has a unique way of teaching her students. She explains problems differently to suit her student’s way of learning. By using Khan Academy, she also prepares students for SAT questions.

“Mrs. White is a really great teacher,” junior Ally Smith said. “She makes Algebra a lot more easy and simple to understand.”

Even though White is new to Buffalo High School, she has already fit in with both staff and students. 

“Mrs. White is funny and chill,” junior LaSandra Robinson said. “Yes, she is strict but most of the time she’s cool.”