Book shows hope in desperate situation


    Living in such a fast pace life proves to be very tiresome, and sometimes it’s nice to just sit down in a quiet room and read a good book. It can be tough to find an attention-grabbing, heartthrob-ing, suspense-filled novel. Having read a fair share of books myself, one I highly recommend would be Heaven is For Real by Tom Burpo. Not only does this book have an amazing storyline, but it also is a book that thousand of people can easily relate to.

    Heaven is For Real is a novel based on a true story about a man’s son who passed away for a brief moment, and, on his return to the physical world, explains to his family and friends, in great detail, about life in Heaven. As the book starts it seems it is going to end in the tragic death of a toddler, but as it progresses it proves to be the exact opposite of that. After the miracle, it not only strengthened the faith of the family involved, but also the lives of many who have read this book.

    For many people, when life gets a little rocky, they turn to their religion for comfort and strength. Even then, when life gets overbearing, many people start to falter in their faith. However, after reading this novel, it becomes easier to find patience and trust in the Lord’s timings and reasons.

    Although books about religion are not for everyone, I highly recommend that this book be considered a must-read. Even if someone doesn’t exactly agree with the thoughts of the author, it is still an interesting story to invest time into.