“Everybody” should listen to Logic’s newest


Rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, known mainly by his stage name Logic, recently released his third studio album. Everybody was released at the beginning of May. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and sold 196,000 pure albums. The album was Logic’s first number one album on the charts.

Logic created this album to unite every group of people. “This album is for everyone. Every race, gender, sexuality,” said Logic when he was given an interview at the VMAs.

Logic originally wanted to name the album, AfricAryaN, he said it was due to “being biracial and seeing life from two sides.” He received a lot of controversy from the title name so he altered it to Everybody. He saved the original name for the final song on the album.

The album is supported by three singles: “Everybody,” “Black Spiderman,” and “1-800-273-8255.” Logic wrote the title track “Everybody” before he had the concept of the album in mind. He knew he wanted everyone to hear his thoughts of being united. Logic’s second song on the album, “Black Spiderman,” is about celebrating unity and a world built upon division.

“1-800-273-8255” is indeed the suicide prevention lifeline number. The song starts out with person with so many issues that they simply don’t want to be alive any longer. As the song continues he goes on to say that no matter what, there’s a way out, and there’s always a source of happiness in everyone’s life. 

The music video portrays a gay black male who gets bullied by not only his father but his peers, to the point that it pushes him too far and he can no longer take it. He proceeds to call the hotline and sees the way out of his depression. Later in the video the boy goes on to marry his partner, showing that no matter who you are nor what you define yourself as, your life is always going to mean something.

This album is strong and powerful; the stirring lyrics will move listeners.