Teacher spotlight: Melissa Isaacs


Kaiden Loep

What makes working at BHS so special? Teacher Melissa Isaacs knows the answer to that question. It’s the students.

Isaacs teaches PHS, Food Science, Principles of Human Services, Family and Consumer services, Travel and Tourism, Child Development, and she is over FCCLA. Isaacs has fallen in love with Buffalo so far and actually enjoys the hour and seven minute drive to and from school each day.

“I know that I am meant to be here in Buffalo because its my calling,” Isaacs said. “FCCLA has changed my life and being here, teaching it again, I feel like I am home here. I graduated from Leon, so I never saw myself teaching at this school, but I have fallen in love with BHS.”

Isaacs began working with FCCLA member, Chelsea Harter and her mom Amanda Harter. This summer they spent about three weeks together for various FCCLA conventions.

“As a parent and teacher, I really appreciate how excited she is to be here,” Mrs.Harter said. “It is really encouraging and great to see that she is so motivated to help the kids. Ms. Isaacs is a really kind-hearted person, and she is super excited to help the FCCLA program grow.”

Teachers and students are beginning to notice how Isaacs is already showing school spirit.

“So far I have seen her at volleyball games, Belle practice, and she went to camps with Chelsea, of course,” Mrs.Harter said. “She also plans on riding the bus with the Belles to the football games.”

Many students, such as freshman, Michelle Hays, take one of Isaacs’ classes and have also joined FCCLA because of her enthusiasm.

“I really enjoy Mrs.Isaacs’ personality because she is so energetic and she makes everyone want to join FCCLA,” Hays said. “I want to be in FCCLA all because of her. If it were anyone else teaching it, I don’t think I would want to be in it.”

Hays takes PHS and said that she plans on taking more classes that Isaacs teaches throughout her high school career.

“I want to be in more of her classes like Food Science and probably Child Development,” Hays said. “I really love to cook so I am pretty excited that we get to learn how to cook in PHS and that’s why I want to do Food Science Next year.”

Isaacs said that she wouldn’t mind spending the rest of her career at BHS because of her love for “Bison nation.”

“The students here are so respectful; it’s really great as a teacher to be respected for once,” Isaacs sad. “Compared to all of the other schools I have worked at, Buffalo is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for the memories I’ll make with all of the students over many years to come.”