Student Spotlight: John Asa Henson


Scarlet Carrillo

New freshmen started high school all over the country this fall. Many of them are fearful before they even step into the hallways.  Although fear is common for many, this is something that doesn’t cross through freshman Asa Henson’s mind.

“I’ve liked high school pretty well,” Henson said. “It offers more options than it did in middle school.”

Henson is involved in the Bison Brigade, football, and he also plans to participate in at events, UIL, and possibly join the debate team. His preferred activity  football.

“I really love the competition in football,” Henson said. “I get the chance to collaborate with my teammates for a common goal.”

In addition to playing right guard on offense and nose on defense on Thursday nights for the JV football team, he’s also a trumpet player on the field Friday nights for the marching band. As a member of the Brigade family, Henson excels and is a great leader.

“When Asa finally focuses, he does a good job,” Band director Jeff Villarreal said. “Asa has the potential to be an important asset to the team.”

As well as being a good band member, he’s exceptionally good in school. His best subject would be history, due to his passion for history. Henson loves to study the parallels in history to today’s modern world.

“I like to read history a lot, it really fascinates me how many parallels there are to modern life,” Henson said. “The different strategies in war are also extremely interesting.”