Student Spotlight: Ernesto Dominguez


Iris Valles

Every Friday night, sophomore Ernesto Dominguez is on the field, performing during half time with the Bison Brigade. However, Friday nights are not the only time Ernesto can be found under the lights. Every Thursday night, Ernesto is suited up as a member of the JV football team.

“I am nervous for this year being my first playing football; I don’t want to fail my team,” Dominguez said. “I am also excited to perform Fridays.”

His friend’s list may be small, but that doesn’t stop him from making new ones in a heartbeat.

“His attitude towards everything he does is great,” Sophomore Kendall Reynolds said. “He pulls through all the hard work.

His friends can go to him with anything. He will always help people even if he has his own problems because he always wants to see his friends happy.

“Ernie has impacted my life and he is one of the greatest friends I will ever have,” sophomore Kendall Reynolds said. “He’s helped me out with so many things. He also gives me good laughs all the time, and is just overall an awesome dude.”  

 His easy going personality is something very unique about him. Anytime you need someone to talk he’s the one to go to. After graduating he is planning on going to Full Sail University to become game programmer/developer and design video games.

”I hope that I can help people to have a better life in the future than we do know. Video games have helped me through it all. I don’t want to let anybody else go through what I went through.”You don’t have any attribution here. You have to say who said it.

Dominguez enjoys being in the band. It lets him be able to make new friends with the other bands and the newbies. He enjoys it because he can be himself around the members especially Mr. Villarreal.

“Ernesto does very well in the band. He is hardworking and is always willing to work hard to get things done,” head drum major Colby Menefee said. “He has a very good work ethic, he always tries his best in every practice and performance.”

Being in the band gives him a chance to get out of his house and see new places and do new things. He loves band mostly because he has the best times there and makes the best memories.

“Ernesto does quality work on everything,” band director Jeff Villarreal said. “He practices constantly, is always prepared, and is always ahead. In beginning band, he wasn’t the best trumpet player, but now he has become one of the most reliable trumpet players.”I look at Ernesto with a lot of respect.”