Student spotlight: Benito Avila


Carina Sanchez

‘Aye batter batter,  ‘aye batter batter, SWING! The crack of the bat hitting the ball resounds across the field. He took off, running straight through each base; not stopping until he slides to home plate making the crowd going wild.

Benito Avila is only a freshman, but already he has a passion for baseball along with track, cross country and football. Also a member of the band, Avila is well-known among his peers for being responsible, dedicated, funny and a great role model.

“I believe that Benny is a very responsible, cool guy to hang out with,” freshman Gerardo Sosa said. “He is the kind of friend you want to have in your life.”

Sosa said there are many times when Avila has proven himself to be a great friend and role model to others, including Sosa.

“This one time Benny and I went to work at the concession stands for the football game and someone was trying to get free food,” Sosa said. “But Benito knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, so he paid for the meal out of kindness.”

Avila’s favorite sport is baseball, he’s been playing since he was a child.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was 4 years old, at the time it was T-Ball,” Benito Avila said. “My whole family loves the sport. They come to most of my games, not just to watch me play, but to watch it in general.”

Although participating in so many tiring activities, Avila still manages to pull through the day. Even some of his teachers notice his hard efforts in keeping up with all of his responsibilities.

“Benito is a very dedicated young man, he’s very focused, driven and such a great role model, he’s even in advanced classes yet he still balances everything great,” band director Jeff Villarreal said. “The world is just a better place with Benito in it.”