GEMS on an adventure


Andrea Garcia

The Girls Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS) group took a trip to Waco to visit the Cameron Zoo and the Mayborn Museum. The girls held a fundraiser earlier this month to be able to take the elementary members on the trip.

“We had a bake sale at Brookshire Brothers a couple of weeks before in order to pay for the trip,” sophomore Sheri Donaldson said. “It was fun; we held signs by the road trying to get people to come and donate.”

First, the group headed off the the zoo to view the different species and their habitats. They split into smaller groups to be able to get around quicker and be able to show the younger girls all of the animals.

“I liked the fact that we had the opportunity to get into smaller groups at the zoo,” sophomore Makayla Gilliam said. “With such short time, it helped get by faster and be able to see all the animals.”

According to the older girls, the zoo was really fun and it made them reminisce about when they were younger. They said they enjoyed watching the younger girl’s excitement at the look of the animals.

“Being at the zoo and watching the younger girl’s excitement really made me remember my childhood days,” Gilliam said. “I love going to the zoo, it was always my favorite field trip growing up.”

At the Mayborn Museum, the girls spent the afternoon exploring the various themed rooms that the museum has to offer.

“I had so much fun at the museum; in fact I think the older girls played around more than the younger girls,” Donaldson said. “We all had so much fun.”

Once the tour of the museum was over, they went outside to several building exhibits that were structured like the 19th century. There was an old church, school building and old fashion houses to look at.

“Once we were done inside, we went outside where they had an exhibition displaying life in the 19th century,” Melanie Slay said. “It was really interesting seeing how different life was.”

Overall, the girls all agreed that the trip was interesting and very exciting. It brought out their inner children in them and they enjoyed playing with the younger girls.

“I had tons of fun; I was so excited most of the time and laughing,” Slay said. “It is a field trip I will always remember.”