Students take a trip back into history


Nadia Garcia

Regional qualifiers for academics were able to take a short trip into the past on their way to the regional meet in Brenham. The students were giving the opportunity to visit the Barrington Living History Farm, which is modeled after an actual farm from the 1850s.

“Being able to go to the farm was a great experience,” freshman Colby Menefee said. “It was really interesting to see how families lived then.”

The set was based off of Dr. Anson Jones’ farm and family. The students learned that Dr. Jones was actually the last president of the Republic of Texas.

“Texas has so much history that a lot of people don’t know about,” senior Tate Slaughter. “At the farm I learned so much more about the state that made me love it more.”

The students were able to see and feed different types of farm animals and pets that local farms had during that era.

“I enjoyed seeing all the animals, but my favorite one was the big hog,” junior Lilah Adams said. “I have never seen a hog before and it looked so scary.”

The farm featured the actual house of Dr. Jones from the 1950s. 

“My favorite part about the entire house would have to be the master bedroom,” sophomore Sheri Donaldson said. “ The mattress were made out of feathers and everything looked so antique.”