Belles painting


Josalyn Taylor

The Belles took a three-day break a few weeks ago to recover from their busy schedules. Between basketball games, speech meets and learning dances, the Belles needed a break and were eager for some team bonding off the dance floor.

“We all needed a break, but we also used the time to become closer,” senior Gracie Davis said. “It’s been awhile since we all were together at once that we were not practicing.”

The Belles started a group painting project last year as an team building event and decided quickly to make it an yearly tradition.

“Football season is the only time we really spend a lot of time together,” sophomore Iveth Molina said. “So the painting project lets us spend time with one another without as much stress.”

Being a part of the Belles includes dozens of practice hours, so having the chance to visit, paint, and build friendships is a break that the girls say they enjoy.

“After being together from August to January as a team,” sophomore Ally Smith said. “We have to plan activities that help us remember why we wanted to be a Belle in the first place.”