“Almost, Maine” showcases theatre talent


Ashley Thunderhawk

Just more than a month after the musical Into the Woods, theatre student performed a new show, Almost, Maine, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The play, which was a series of stories about couples, was a perfect choice for Valentine’s weekend.

“The story was interesting,” actor Reese Davis said. “It was cool how it had a different story every scene, but they were still connected.”

The plot involves eight different couples with eight different stories that we’re all connected by each character’s hearts. The story shines the light on love and heartbreak.

“It was unique, I’ll say that,” actor Dylan Cornish said. “I’ve never performed in a play like this one. It was sort of nice to get out of the comfort zone and have a play with a different type of plot.”

The play was right in the middle of OAP competition season, and some students were working with both shows at the same time.

“It was hard going to practices and memorizing the lines for both plays but it worked out,” Cornish said. “I love theatre and I’m willing to work hard for something I love.”