Belles take home 2nd Division


Ashley Thunderhawk

The Bison Belles took off to Nacogdoches for the SFA dance competition last Saturday to spend the day competing with dance teams, dance studios and high school drill teams. They earned a second division for both of their dances and received an innovative choreography award for their military routine.

“As a former Jack, it was fun to take the Belles to SFA to compete on the same floor that I received my college diploma,” director Amanda Harter said. “Dance season never ends, and I’m extremely proud of what the 59th line has accomplished this far.”

Even though the Belles had a competition early in the year at six flags, they were still nervous over performing in front of the judge and other dance teams.

“I don’t think I was as nervous as I would’ve been but I was still pretty nervous,” line member Stefani Trejo said. “I love to dance and I’m proud of what we did that day.”

On their military routine they received a 47 out of 50 possible points. This was the first time the Belles participated in the SFA dance contest.

“It’s not easy being a Belle. Belles work daily starting in August for flawless performances,” said Harter. “I am proud of my Belles.”