Student Spotlight: Anthony Campos


Melanie Slay

Sophomore Anthony Campos is one active teen when it comes to activities.

“I love to hunt, fish, play football, and power-lift,” Campos said. “I have a lot I like to do but I love spending time with my girlfriend Allison.”

To many people he is a great friend, boyfriend, and class clown.

“He’s cool and he’s chill and he’s never been on my bad side and he’s a great friend when you need him he’s there,” freshman Truman Garza said.

Campos is center and kicker and plays on the Jv team and his max in powerlifting squat is 305.

“To a lot of people lifting a lot seems easy if you’re big but it’s more than just muscles,” Campos said. “It’s mind over matter and for me when I lift I think about my family and loved ones. They support me in anything I do and that’s what keeps me going when I participate in sports.”

Campos moved here last year and has made many friends and many enemies which comes with public school but he takes it like a champ and continues to do great in whatever he does.

“I love my family and friends that support me and that’s all I need to be in my life,” Campos said. “There are gonna be people that try to threaten your happiness and your peace but in the end all that matters is that you know in your heart your loved and that’s what life’s about and that’s why you keep pushing on.”