Student Spotlight: Noah Rubel


Yomele Almeida

Sophomore Noah Rubel is adding Lincoln Douglass Debate to his resume during his second year in speech and debate class and will be competing in that event in both UIL district and the North Texas Debate Association championships next month.

“I originally joined because I wanted to be a better speaker,” Rubel said. “I joined again this year because I liked the outcome of my first year.”

To Rubel, speech and debate is for people with certain personalities.

“It’s a very sophisticated event,” Rubel said. “You have to almost have a business persona for it.”

Rubel is proud of his success and of his coaches.

“It’s tiring, I’m not going to lie, but it’s worth it,” Rubel said. ” Mrs. Henson and Mrs. Menefee have transformed me into a great speaker.”

The event makes him feel like he is preparing for his life as an adult.

“I enjoy politics and being able to weigh in on problems I’ll have to decide on in the future,” Rubel said. ” I’m able to have a common knowledge of what’s going on in the world.”

Rubel’s parents, who both teach at the high school, are proud of Noah’s accomplishments in speech and debate as well as his other activities.

“I’m proud of what he has accomplished in football, golf, and everything he is involved in,” Spanish teacher Robert Rubel said. “Although I don’t understand how they do speech and debate, I am still very proud of what Noah has accomplished.”