“Doctor Strange” is a hit for Marvel


Ashley Thunderhawk


A brilliant and arrogant neurosurgeon learns a lesson after he has a car accident and his nerve damaged hands ruin his career. After many expensive experiments and physical therapy sessions, Doctor Stephen Strange searches for a cure from his physical therapists’ past patients. After he finds the patient he was searching for, he follows the patient’s ways, of how he was healed, and buys a plane ticket to the East to learn the teachings of the Ancient One. That is the beginning of the Doctor Strange story.

Doctor Strange has taken top spot in many movie critic websites including Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. The story is not only interesting and unique, but is a different type of story from the other Marvel classics. Most movies nowadays have a lot of visual effects and make it look fake, but the Doctor Strange movie has the perfect amount of real objects and visual effects to make it look realistic. I rate the movie a 10/10.

Doctor Strange will be available to buy in DVD this month.