GEMS science club draws young participants


Lilah Adams

Little scientists have been roaming the high school halls with the new science group created by scientist-teacher Patrice Cox. Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (GEMS) invites young girls from all campuses to participate in a science learning group. Cox asked high school girls to act as mentors for the younger girls.

“I really have enjoyed doing this [Gems] year,” sophomore Sheri Donaldson said. “I think I have actually learned more than the younger kids.”

Every Monday after school, the younger girls ride the bus to the high school and spend a couple of hours doing cool science experiments and interacting with the older girls.

“I love that we added it this-this year,” sophomore Andrea Garcia said. “I love seeing how happy the girls get when they see the science experiment happens. I feel like this is really opening their eyes to a new era of science.”

Cox wanted to start this group to open the minds of young girls and show them that they can do anything boys can.

“Since the engineering and all mostly all things science are such a male dominated profession, I wanted the girls to know they can participate in those activities as well,” Cox said. “I wanted to start a program for girls that allowed them to have an outreach. I think this will be such a successful program and I am very excited everyone has taken a liking to it.”