Dominguez awarded All-State Football Team


Andrea Garcia

Sophomore Hector Dominguez was awarded All-State football team by Down Under Sports earlier this week.

He has been invited to represent the state of Texas on the Central Conference Football Team at the 29th annual Down Under Bowl. The game will be hosted on the Gold Coast of Australia this summer.

“I am extremely excited for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I have been awarded with,” Dominguez said. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it.”

Recipients of this award are chosen because of their accomplishments in their community as well as their high school achievements. Hector is very involved in not only in football, but also in powerlifting and track; in addition, he works to keep his grades high.

“Hector is very competitive; he is always striving to be the best and pushes himself in everything he does,” sophomore Sonia Esquivel said. “I am not surprised that he was awarded this because he deserves it.”

Hector said he will try to attend the event if he can work and save enough money. The company has developed sponsorship fundraising methods in order to help recipients participate in this event, and he is hoping that this will help.

“I’m not sure if I am going yet,” Dominguez said. “However, I will try because this is a great opportunity for me to explore and experience things out of my comfort zone.”

If he does attend, he and the other recipients will spend nine days in Brisbane, competing and sightseeing. They will also spend an additional three days in Hawaii for rest and relaxation.

“I’ve never been outside the country, so to be given the opportunity to visit the other side of the world is very exciting,” Dominguez said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

His friends and teammates have said that he is d0eserving of this award because of his hard work and commitment. Also, they’ve said that he is an outstanding athlete with so much grit.

“He works very hard, always preparing for the season months beforehand,” sophomore Makayla Gilliam said. “He earns what he is given and deserves it very much.”

He’s also said that he would be nowhere without his teammates because they push him to his limits and are always encouraging to do his best. Also, that his accomplishments are thank to them.

“My teammates are my biggest motivation,” Dominguez said. “They push me and encourage me to be better.”