Student Spotlight: Jarrett Fishbeck


Kayeigh Rhodes

Sophomore Jarrett Fishbeck works to dominate any activity he tackles. Between school activities that include being a cheer manager, an active member of FCCLA, and basketball, Fishbeck still finds time to excel in baseball and elevate his game to the next level.

“I play on an elite team in College Station,” Fishbeck said. “I practice once a week with the team and I practice with my brother whenever there is free time.”

Fishbeck is the pitcher for the elite baseball team named Twelve. The team play games against people from all over Texas and competes in tournaments. However, Fishbeck isn’t the only BHS sophomore who plays with the elite team.

“I play with him on the Twelve,” sophomore Marshall Jonas said. “There are a couple of us from Buffalo who play.”

Fishbeck is also on the starting five for the basketball team and helps be manager for the cheerleaders at pep rallies and football games.

“He is always laughing and having fun,” sophomore Brenda Garcia said. “He works hard on and off the field or court.”