“Nearly Gone” is an attention grabber

Ashley Thunderhawk

Elle Cosimano mixes science, romance and mystery in her book, Nearly Gone. High school student, Nearly Boswell, faces many challenges while trying to win a physics scholarship her junior year. While competing for her scholarship, someone starts murdering her tutor students and framing her in hopes of ruining her chances of her scholarship. The murder leaves physics clues to bring her closer to figure out what is happening. Another student who happens to be a narc, Reece Whelan, helps Nearly with the clues.

Cosimano wrote Nearly Found, the sequel to Nearly Gone, to continue the story of Nearly Boswell and Reece Whelan. The second book is just as thrilling as the first one and keeps you on your toes while giving you science lessons. Also Nearly Gone lead Cosimano to be a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult.

The book is well written, it has a good plot and it’s just a good thriller all together. I can’t think of a better thriller that had so many different things happening at the same time. I highly recommend reading this book and the sequel.