Student Spotlight: John Vaughn


Megan Wedhorn

Kind, knowledgeable, determined, competitive and funny are just a handful of words that describe freshmen John Vaughn. Vaughn not only demonstrates these characteristics in the classroom and on the football field, but in everything he does.

“John is a great student, and takes care of business in class,” geometry teacher Donna Vann said. “He has a great sense of humor. His sense of humor and work ethic are a plus in the classroom.”

This year the football team had made to the second round of playoffs, after winning their first playoff game in 55 years. John was a part of the team that had gone to playoffs.

“The football team had made it to the second round of playoffs, and everybody was excited for it,” freshman John Vaughn said. “I was the most excited, because I’m was on the field getting to help make history.”

Currently in football, theater tech and a member of the principal’s advisory committee, Vaughn has plans of participating in power lifting, track and field, and has a goal of earning his way into National Honor Society.

“John is a very nice and well-rounded guy,” sophomore Reese Davis said. “He is very smart, and I believe that he will definitely achieve his goal of getting into National Honor Society.”

This year John is taking all pre advanced placement classes. After high school he plans to go to college to get a degree in some sort of medical area, then go to the military and become a combat medic in the Army Rangers.

“My favorite class this year is PAP geometry,” Vaughn said. “Mrs.Vann is a really funny and knowledgeable teacher which makes the class fun.”

Whenever he can catch a break, Vaughn likes to spend time outside doing outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing. A few of his friends like to do the same thing.

“I have known John since first grade and we have so much in common,” freshman Landon Folsom said. “Our love for being outdoors is just one of the things that we have in common.”

Vaughn’s classmates say that he is very talkative, polite, determined, funny, helpful and that he always tries to do his best on everything that he does. They admire him for being able to handle so much at one time.

“John is a very kind and helpful person,” freshman Mollie Dittmar said. “If anybody were to ask him about something or if anybody needed anything, he would try to help that person in anyway that he could; that is just the type of person that he is.”