Student Spotlight: Hannah Eakin


Josalyn Taylor

While she loves basketball, the basketball court isn’t the only place that senior Hannah Eakin shows off her skills. Eakin also competes in softball.

“I played little league softball when I was five,”  Eakin said. “I fell in love with the sport after that.”

Many of Eakin’s teammates look up to her for being dedicated to softball.

“She is really good,” sophomore Brenda Garcia said. “I want to be like that.”

Eakin is currently playing on a selective softball team where she is being recruited by colleges.

“I started playing showcase softball when I was 15,” Eakin said. “That is where I’m getting recruited.”

Eakin plays softball as a utility player, which is in high demand for many colleges.

“A utility player is a player that can play any position,” Eakin said. “Many of the colleges are recruiting me for that.”

She hopes to go to college on a softball scholarship, which will help her financially.

“I want to major in sports management,” Eakin said. “I want to be like a sports agent.”