Student Spotlight: Aaron Richard


Melanie Slay

Being the new kid isn’t always easy or fun, but for Junior Aaron Richard things have gone pretty smoothly.

“I was excited when I first came here,” Richard said. “Lots of people here are very open, and I like it.”

Many people already have warmed up to Richard and think he is fun around.

“When I first met him I thought he was pretty cool and getting new kids is always exciting for our school,” junior Madison Rowan said.

Richard’s family travels a lot and he has been to almost every southern state in the U.S and also Colorado.

“California was my favorite,” Richard said. “I have family there and I like to go surfing and go to the beach and enjoy the sun.”


He has been to many different resorts and islands and getaways to places like Cozumel, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Key west and the Cayman Islands.

“The Bahamas was great,” Richard said. “It was a great escape and it was really exotic and open.”

He was also home schooled before moving here from Leon.

“Homeschooled was really laid back,” Richard said. “I decided to come back to school because I wanted to graduate from high school.”

He wants to go to A&M and go into real estate

“A lot of my family is in it and I want to go in it,” Richard said. “A lot of my family is in it.”