Moana: Disney’s Polynesian Princess is a delight

Moana: Disney's Polynesian Princess is a delight

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest movie, Moana, was released in November and was influenced by Polynesian culture.

In the movie, demigod Maui, a trickster played by DWayne “The Rock” Johnson, stole the goddess’s fertility giving-heart stone but then lost the magical fishhook that gave him the power to transform into different animals. Moana takes it upon herself to go the island after going into ecological meltdown. Her father insists that no one, especially his own daughter, go beyond the reef. However, Moana’s grandmother encourages her to ignore her father and follow her heart. While on her quest, Moana runs into Maui. Moana asks him to join her on her quest. Mainly interested in retrieving his fishhook, Maui agrees to join Moana.

Auli’i Cravalho, the voice behind Moana, is the youngest actress to ever voice a Disney princess. Cravalho was only 14 when she gave voice to princess Moana.

If you are a Hamilton fan, this is one you are going to want to catch – Miranda was the primary songwriter on for the movie, writing even while he was working on Hamilton. Miranda didn’t intend to sing on the score, but his demo for the song “We Know the Way” wound up in the final version, and some of his demo for “You’re Welcome,” sung by Dwayne Johnson as Maui, can still be heard in the background. Other Hamilton cast members sang demos, too, including Phillipa Soo and Christopher Jackson; the latter ended up playing the Chief in the cast.