Student Spotlight: Selena Guerrero


Yomele Almeida

Ready, position. 1..2..3..4… sophomore Selena Guerrero knows what those words mean all too well: Belle time.

“I was nervous about my first performance,” Guerrero said. “I had never danced in front of a stadium full of people.”

Belle director Amanda Harter said she sees potential in her.

“She has a lot of potential if she will continue to work,” Harter said. “She was line camp Rookie of the Year and voted Belle Favorite this year.”

Guerrero was surprised when she received the news about being Rookie of the Year and Belle Favorite.

“I wasn’t expecting it,”Guerrero said. “But I was excited and happy.”

Guerrero tried out for fun and was surprised about the impact Belles had on her.

“I figured it would be fun to dance,” Guerrero said. “Honestly, I love it.”

She works hard to inspire the young girls in the stands.

“My favorite part about being a Belle is having the little girls looking up to us as we own halftime,” Guerrero said. “I also enjoy it because Mrs. Harter is great and the officers are amazing at teaching us.”