“6 Years” is a touching drama

Savanna Guevara

6 Years is a romantic drama directed by Hannah Fidell. The film, which came out in 2015, is about a couple in their 20s who have known one another since childhood. Characters Dan and Melanie have their 6-year relationship shaken when Dan receives a job offer from a record label he has been interning with. Their fast-paced relationship is put to the test when a decision regarding a future life with Melanie and a job has to be made.

A night out ends with Dan kissing a coworker after Melanie left the party and returned home. After an argument breaks out between the young couple and escalates to physical action, a night spent in the hospital and jail has brought the two to believe they made a mistake in committing to one another.

The film is great at capturing the things that happen in a relationship, even after you’ve been committed for so long. Although two people know every little quirk about each other, there is always a thing that could go wrong or something new you find out about your significant other.