Trump’s tax excuses don’t hold water


Colby Menefee

Recently released documents reveal that presidential candidate Donald Trump has avoided paying taxes via means of dubious legality; Trump’s campaign is attempting to paint the move as “smart.”

This is highly insulting to the millions of Americans who pay their taxes fairly and honestly.

His scamming the tax system imposes higher taxes on everyone else. When billionaires who can afford to pay taxes abuse the law to avoid doing so, all of the costs they incur within the government by enjoying privileges such as emergency services are transferred to underprivileged people struggling to make ends meet.

The IRS is currently battling this sort of gaming. New reforms have made progress in closing these loopholes, but there is still a lot to be done. Trump will have no motivation to aide in this process as president if it conflicts with his personal interests.

Trump’s campaign has promised to fix what he calls a “rigged system.” this undercuts those claims. Trump won’t fix the system when it is rigged in favor of the ultra-wealthy.

Trump supporters say that this is what any successful businessman would do, but other very wealthy individuals pay their taxes correctly. Oprah Winfrey releases her multimillion dollar network’s tax returns every year.

Voters should see that this makes him an unfit candidate for president. America needs a president who will fight for our country, not his own personal gain.

Trump’s blatant scamming of the system shows how out of touch he is with normal citizens.