Student Spotlight: Cameron Varner


Josalyn Taylor

Facing multiple spinal surgeries is a difficult thing to deal with for anyone. Senior Cameron Varner knows exactly what it’s like to be in that situation.

“I was in pain for a while,” Varner said. “I am just happy that I could do something to stop it.”

Having three back surgeries recently has held him back  and kept him from playing the sports that he loves, but he still continues to do all he can. Varner helps the cheerleaders, manages basketball and is in theatre.

“He is fun to work with,” sophomore McKenzie Ryder said. “He always helps as much as he can.”

Varner doesn’t want to leave high school being known as ‘the boy who’s had three back surgeries,’ so he does his best to be friendly and helpful.

“I like to help people when I can,” Varner said. “It makes me happy knowing I’m helping.”

His work is paying off; many people go to him for help or advice.

“Cameron is really nice and helpful,” senior Gracie Davis said. “If someone who didn’t know Cam asked him for help, he would help without question.”

Varner is planning to go to college to be an computer engineer.

“I have always been fond of technology,” Varner said. “It’s just my thing.”