“A Seat At The Table” celebrates black women

Jordan Jenkins

Artist Solange Knowles recently released her album titled A Seat At The Table. She dropped the album at the end of September.

Knowles third full-length album is the soundtrack to the joys and struggles of a black woman. Despite not having been out long, Knowles’ playlist has empowered and moved women of color everywhere. Knowles incorporates her family’s past in her album through interludes with her mother and Father, Tina and Mathew Knowles. Knowles has said that it was important to her to articulate her roots. Along with her parents’ interludes, the majority of her album was made in New Iberia, Louisiana, “based on that area being the start of everything within our family’s lineage.” With this album, she scored her first number one spot on Billboard’s “Top 200” chart.

She released two visually stunning music videos to go with her songs “Cranes In The Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” from the album.  

Knowles makes it very hard when trying to choose a favorite. Every track on the playlist is pleasing to listen to as well as mentally satisfying. As she sings, you can tell just how much she believes in and values her words. The album is perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to R&B music.