“The Age Of Adaline” is a timeless beauty


Savanna Guevara

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively and actor Michiel Huisman star in The Age of Adaline, in which a woman by the name of Adaline Bowman loses her husband during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge; following the loss Adaline survives a car wreck and miraculously freezes her looks at the age of 28.  

Once someone catches on to Adaline’s never-aging secret, she slips away into the night, changes her name and becomes a new person. 

Adaline meets a man, Ellis Jones, who is the first to take her heart in decades. By now Adaline is going by the name “Jenny”, and Ellis begins to plan a future for the two, not knowing “Jenny” will be forced to slip away soon.

The Age of Adaline delivers twists and turns throughout its fantastic plot with elegance and confidence. The romance at the heart of it all threatens to bring everything down until yet another twist in the plot brings it all together.