Book review – Rich and Pretty


Melanie Slay

Author Rumaan Alam has written a great book about a controversial relationship between two highschool besties.

Sarah and Lauren, who are basically sisters, begin to see changes in their friendship. After being together throughout everything – high school, college, first jobs, and first loves – they realize they have responsibilities apart from each other.

Once they were inseparable, and now they can’t seem to find time to see each other at all. Now it comes down to the real question: Can they still be friends and tell each other secrets like old times, or is the friendship too far gone?

The book is humorous, wise and addictive. It’s full of love between lost friendships and leaves the reader aching for more.

I liked this book very much because it kept me on my toes and made sure to keep me interested. I would recommend this book if you are interested in books with a little sass and upbeat about them.