Senior mentors visit elementary students


Nadia Garcia

Passing on happy memories and helping students enjoy their school year is the goal of a group of seniors who mentor at the elementary school once a week. The dual-credit English class, along with several other seniors, starts their Tuesday at the elementary campus every Tuesday.

“It’s a really fun experience,” senior Evan Grisham said. “It lets us feel as if we were starting school all over again.”

The students are assigned with one specific student year around. The seniors mentor students from pre-k to second grade.

“I was assigned with a little boy,” Grisham said. “I am having such a great time getting to know him and being able to think like a kid again.”

The seniors try out different activities with the younger ones, from shooting basketballs to coloring and playing board games.

“It’s amazing how you can change a little kid’s day just by shooting a ball with them,” Grisham said. “ The smiles on their faces is priceless.”

Going back to the elementary every Tuesday is a like a flashback for some of the seniors. It shows them how fast time flies and how little bit of time they have left.

“The thought of leaving is quite devastating,” Kynlee Driskill said. “Mentoring the elementary kids brought back so many memories to all of us about school, and I believe we will all remember this forever.”