Student Spotlight: Mykayla Dennix


Savanna Guevara

While she may seem shy, once sophomore Mykayla Dennix gains comfort, her sassy side comes out to shine.

“Mykayla is a sweet girl, of course until she gets comfortable with you, then she’s as sassy as it comes,” sophomore Taylor Swarthout said. “She’s the person to go to if you ever need a sarcastic comment.”

Dennix says she has multiple personalities as well as hobbies; along with being Belles she participates in gaming club as well as NaNoWrimo. While she has her sassy side she’s generally known as the sweet intelligent short girl she defines herself as.

“Of course I know I can be sassy, but with most people I’m sweet,” Dennix said. “If I don’t like someone it’s obvious because of my attitude towards them.”

Dennix is a first-year Belle but plans to continue her performances throughout her high school experience. Belle performances are her main focus.

“Performing with the Belles is a really great experience,” Dennix said. “Harter is a fantastic influence and role model.”

The thing that keeps her going even when she’s stressed and worried about not having enough time in the day is her Friday night performances.

“Going out on the field is an extremely nerve-racking experience,” Dennix said. “It causes panic in all of us but once we step out and start dancing nervousness, stress and anything else leaves our minds.”

Between school and Belle practices, Dennix finds time to sit down and communicate with her friends. Of course, it may be hard during the week but she believes she has to make sure her friends know she appreciates them all.

“My friends support me with anything I do,” Dennix said. “Whether it’s dancing or writing a book or doing something extremely out of my comfort zone they are always by my side when I need them.”