Seniors celebrate high school life at pep rally


Josalyn Taylor

The annual senior pep rally gave seniors a chance to show off their status and spend a few minutes being recognized for their time at the high school.

“I was glad to be down on the floor with the rest of my classmates,” senior Hannah Eakin said. “I really enjoyed being with my friends.”

Many of the seniors were emotional after realizing that the pep rally marked one more “last” to check off of the senior list.

“It was surreal feeling, because the whole class was together on the gym floor,” senior Natalie Freeman said. “And in a short time, we will all be on that same floor to walk across the stage.”

The students are looking forward to life after high school, though.

“I was kind of happy and sad,” senior Lauren Pate said. “I’m ready to see what God has in store for me later on in life.”

Keeping with the tradition, many of the senior girls dressed in decorated overalls to show off their senior status.

“I loved doing my overalls,” senior Gracie Davis said. “I did it with my mom to do something like a mother daughter thing.”

While the guys didn’t tend to get as choked up about anything as the girls and skipped the overalls, they still enjoyed the chance to be together.

“It was an fun experience, but I was sad,” senior Tate Slaughter said. “It reminded me that I’m a senior and it’s my last year.”