Tenth anniversary release of “The Black Parade” highlights new cuts

Tenth anniversary release of The Black Parade highlights new cuts

Stefani Trejo

After the My Chemical Romance breakup on March 22, the fan base has still been growing. With their biggest hit album, The Black Parade, reaching its tenth anniversary, My Chemical Romance saw how long-lasting the popularity of their work could be and put out a new release that contains previously unheard cuts titled Living with Ghosts.

Most of the album consists of live demos and rough mixes of the original album. Prior to the release of the album, the band put out a trailer, hyping up the work. Fans hoped that there would be a reunion. Sadly, the band confirmed that they were just celebrating the album.

Living With Ghosts features unreleased demos and rare mixes from the Black Parade sessions. It also features “The Five of Us Are Dying (rough mix),” an “early version” of the song that would eventually become “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Find the album artwork and tracklist below.