Sia’s album is still a hit after almost a year

Sias album is still a hit after almost a year

Ashley Thunderhawk

Australian artist Sia released her seventh album, This Is Acting, in January. The album had two singles, including “Alive” which released September of last year, and “Cheap Thrills” which released February, a month after the full album released. “Cheaps Thrills” became a hit and was number one on the Billboard, beating “Alive”, which reached 56 on the Billboard. The whole album went to number four on the Billboard, though it did not beat Sia’s sixth album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

“Cheap Thrills” was supposed to be recorded by Rihanna, but I think Sia did a fantastic job by herself. “Alive” was supposed to be sung by Adele and Rihanna, but again, they rejected the single, and Sia made the song sound more powerful than originally imagined. Though various artists turned down many of the songs written on the album, Sia did an incredible job with them.

Sia is an amazing artist, and though there are plenty of musicians that don’t write their own music, Sia writes her own and performs her music just as she intends the pieces to be: with power and emotion. I’m not one that is really into music that makes you cry, but this album has a little bit of everything for everyone, with “Cheap Thrills” being one of my favorite songs.