Student Spotlight: Tate Slaughter


Josalyn Taylor

Many people look up to senior Tate Slaughter. Literally. Being one of the tallest guys in high school, Slaughter stands above most of his teachers and peers. People automatically think he’s outgoing, because he is tall, but once you get to know him you find otherwise.

“When I first meet someone they always expect me to be outgoing,” Slaughter said. “In reality, I’m really shy.”

Being shy is just one of many insecurities Slaughter faces. He says that the thing he fears most is being alone.

“When a person is lonely, they start to want things that they can’t get,” Slaughter said. “I’d rather not always wish to have things that are out of reach.”

Slaughter wants to go to college to be an offshore engineer. He says that it would allow him to make people things they want.

“I’d get to be a part of building things,” Slaughter said. “That everyone uses.”

He is the type of person that believes everyone should be loved. That is one thing that dislikes about today’s society: the fact that many people are being treated has an equal.

“I believe that everyone is important,” Slaughter said. “Everyone should be equal. I love everyone.”

Slaughter has many things he loves to in his free time, including hunting, fishing, and loving everyday.

“Love is the most important thing in the world,” Slaughter said.

Something he wants to do before it’s too late, he says, is to have a family. Having a family and being married would mean he would never be lonely and always feel loved.

“To me, family is the equivalent of love,” Slaughter said. “Family is the thing to turn to when everyone is turning away from you.”