Art students create puzzle pieces


Yomele Almeida

Working together to create individual pieces of art that would merge together into one giant project was one of the first focuses for art students this school year. The students created individual puzzle pieces.

“All art students did one, and their name is on the front of the puzzle piece,” art teacher Amanda Harter said. “The project was a collaborative art installation project.”

Because the pieces were created to show individual personalities, the pieces became meaningful to the students as they created them.

“Each student worked to create a puzzle piece that represented them or meant something to them,” Harter said. “Then we put the pieces together to show that we all have something to add to BHS.”

Harter’s intention with this project was to encourage students to embrace their different talents.

“We put the pieces together to show that we all have something to add to BHS,” Harter said. “Each one of us has our own talents and skills that makes us stronger when we combine and work together.”

Harter said it’s not about the individual pieces, but how they work together.

“The project was collaborative,” Harter said. “Each piece that represents something important.”

This project inspired some of the students to embrace their talents.

“I think the project was to show everyone that it doesn’t matter if they think they lack talent, they can still do it,” sophomore Melanie McGill said. “ I think the project was about believing in yourself and to have inspiration with the littlest spark.”

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