Student Spotlight: Jennifer Domingez


Stefani Trejo

Although sophomore Jennifer Dominguez may seem a little introverted, she is actually very vibrant. She shows that side during her performances at Friday night football games with the Bison Belles.

“She does great both on the field and in practice,” lieutenant Iveth Molina said, “She learns the dances really fast.”

Dominguez studies hard and strives for the best that she can do. She keeps herself occupied with studying and keeping her main focus on school. She ties hard to keep her class ranking, striving to be in the top 5%.

“I like to keep myself busy,” Dominguez says, “I focus more on school than anything else.”

She is planning to go to Texas A&M to study in the medical field and become a pediatrician.  Later on, she wants to study cosmetology

“I want to help kids when I get older,” Dominguez states, “I also want to learn to do make up as a hobby.”