Floral design class works on homecoming mums


Jordan Jenkins

As homecoming festivities approach, floral design students began creating custom mums last week. The students will work on the mums until the week of homecoming, when they will be able to show off their finished products.

“Last year’s floral design class looked like they had so much fun making mums,” senior Hannah Eakin said. “That’s why I was excited when Mrs. Hall told us that we would be making them also.”

Floral design teacher Mikaela Hall encouraged her students to think outside of the box while creating their mums. While some students showed their school spirit, others are working to put more of a unique touch them.

“I didn’t want everyone’s mum to look the same,” Hall said. “I thought it would make the project more fun and interesting if the students created individual looks for their mums.”

Junior Tytianna Phillips added a significant twist to her mum. She made her mum in the colors blue and gold to support La Vega High School.

“Because I’m from La Vega I did my mum in their school colors,” Phillips said. “Instead of going to Buffalo’s homecoming, I’m going to go to La Vega’s. I’m so glad that I get to go back to my home town to visit all of my old friends.”

Homecoming is scheduled for October 27, and the students will get to show off their mums that day.

“The mums will be a more meaningful for the Floral Design students because we made them ourselves,” sophomore Cheyenne Eitson said. “I’m so ready to see the finished products. I know they will be so pretty.”