Student Spotlight: Roberto Garcia


Nadia Garcia

Being born in a different country provides a lifetime of obstacles, though for freshman Roberto Garcia, they’re obstacles he is willing to take on.

“You can’t be afraid of the days you haven’t lived yet, so I don’t worry about what the future might bring,” Garcia said. “Being able to live in this country has been one of the greatest blessings.”

Garcia came to the United States as a small child with his parents and two older sisters. Within a few years he learned the language, tackling one of the first obstacles in his way.

“I  don’t think I was afraid of going to a new place,” Garcia said. “I was more afraid of not learning English well.”

Although he adapted to his new home, new problems did arise. When Garcia was in first grade, legal problems meant his mother could not stay in the country with the family. For two years, he saw her only on visits.

“I remember it was a rough time for my family,” Garcia said. “ For two years we traveled to Mexico every month to see her, and within two days we would have to say goodbye once again, then turn around and come home.”

The family has long since been reunited, and Garcia says that coming to America gave him the chance to live the American dream. He now has the opportunity to play sports and excel in school.

“I love learning new things and I love a challenge,” Garcia said. “Playing sports and being able to participate in schools events is one way I can do this.”

Garcia is involved in football, basketball and track and he is also his class vice president.

“I am beyond happy my parents brought me to this country,” Garcia said. “I am able to live my dreams, dreams that I couldn’t even start in my native country.”