Queen B slays on new album


Josalyn Taylor

“Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, ’cause I slay,” Queen B does exactly that – she slays. With her sixth studio album, American singer Beyonce gives a glimpse of her life. After the incident in 2014 that involved her husband Jay-Z and sister Solange, the solidity of her marriage was in question. The pain of having her marriage relationship fall apart in public resulted in the start of the album “Lemonade.”

The album was at risk of becoming a breakup album. Instead it became a story about love and hope, of betrayal and sorrow, of trusting your instincts and of denial. In songs like “Sorry” Beyonce sings her cares away, hoping that her husband realizes that she is aware of his betrayals.

Beyonce not only sings about her marriage but about female empowerment. The song “Freedom”, has her surrounded by strong women, such as singer Zendaya and the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. You can perceive it as a reflection of the civil rights of minorities.

Beyonce ends with confidence, in the last song “Formation”, of the album, Lemonade. She owns her cultural identity and doesn’t care who likes it. The verse “I grind until I own it” is a symbol of how she works for what she has. Beyonce built her career from the bottom, she doesn’t care about the haters. She has her fans to back her up.