History foldables encourage learning


Kayleigh Rhodes

When test time rolls around, everybody gets stressed out studying. However, for Jill Henson’s American History students, studying is now a breeze thanks to her studying method.

For years now, Henson has perfected student studying habits by using a method of learning that helps kids focus and, later on, study for the E.O.C. –  foldables

It’s a note-taking method designed to help students study,” Henson said. “I’ve done it for seven or eight years, and it always helps the students.”

Students say that is time-consuming during class, but it helps in the long run.

“We do it in class and it helps me focus better on the work or the lesson for that day,” junior Madison Simpson said. “When it is time to study, it also helps.”

This year is the first year that Henson has started the foldables so early and uses them all year. March, right around test time, is when she usually starts them.

“Students seem to enjoy it because it is a non-traditional way of note-taking,” Henson said. “Usually any method that is different encourages learning.”