Student Spotlight: Taylor Beshears


Tana Cleveland

While many students have time to spare, Taylor Beshears stays busy. Beshears is involved in many activities, including church, cheer, sports, UIL and Spanish club.

“Juggling a lot of things is hard sometimes,” Beshears said. “But I like to keep myself busy so I don’t get bored.”

Not only is it Beshears’ first year in high school, but also her first year in cheerleading. 

“Taylor is a great worker,” coach Cheryl Lack said. “If I tell her to do something, she will do it one hundred percent, with no fuss.”

While cheer is important to Beshears, she is also very determined when it comes to schoolwork.

“This year my goal is to make all A’s,” Beshears said. “If I do that, then I will get into the top ten percent in my class, hopefully.”

Many of Buffalo’s citizens have not only seen Beshears on the track, but also on the court. She is well known for being one of the best on the basketball team.

“Taylor moves so fast you almost can’t see her,” classmate Samantha Pate said. “We’ve always played together, and I can’t imagine not having her out on that court with me.”

Beshears is well liked around the school and very involved.

“She is so funny and positive all the time,” classmate Kenzie Simpson said. “It’s hard to get down when you’re around her.”