Chemistry Students Launch Bottle Rockets


Colby Menefee

As part of a lesson on the scientific process, chemistry students performed an experiment involving bottle rockets. They hit the outdoors and launched their own.

“Students are testing hypothesis they made in class,” teacher Patrice Cox said.

The students had previously seen the rockets launched in a class demonstration.

“Seeing the rockets launched beforehand helped me prepare,” sophomore Megan Wedhorn said. “It let me know what to expect.”

Despite having seen the rockets on film, setting off their own was scary for some students.

“Launching the rockets was very suspenseful,” sophomore Ashley Thunderhawk said. “I jumped when it shot.”

The launches were successful despite the doubts of some students.

“I didn’t think it was going to work,” junior Breezy Rodriguez said. “It did and it was awesome.”

Students were very excited at the success of their launch.

“It was spectacular to watch,” sophomore Makayla Gilliam said.