Student Spotlight: Reese Davis


Ashley Thunderhawk

An interest in hands-on projects has sophomore Reese Davis working towards a welding certification, starting off with a mechanics class this year.

“I’ve always liked building or inventing different things,” Davis said. “I have just that interest.”

Even though Davis has only taking mechanics, he already knows how to weld.

“All I can say is the internet knows how to do everything,” Davis said. “Whether it is true or not I don’t know, but so far it has worked.”

Davis has built a motorcycle over the summer.

“I had it running a couple of times,” Davis said. “It still needs a little work.”

He has also built tables and benches to sell.

“I sold one and then I started working on a bench,” Davis said. “These ideas come to me and then I just work on it.”

Davis plans to go to college to be an engineer.

“I just think being an engineer would be fun,” Davis said. “I also think that it would be the best thing for me since I have a little experience and I am good at math subjects.”

Reese is currently involved in FFA and theatre.

“I like theatre tech because I get to build props,” Davis said. “Also, FFA is such a great organization to be in; I would encourage anybody to be involved in it.”