“The Boy” is definitely alive in your mind

The Boy is definitely alive in your mind

Savanna Guevara

A young girl looking to escape an abusive relationship leaves her small town in Montana and takes up a job offer as a babysitter in the United Kingdom. Greta is welcomed by her new bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire, and is ushered in to meet their son, Brahms.

Greta is introduced to Brahms and can’t help but laugh that the child she is babysitting is a porcelain doll. Of course she takes it as a joke – who wouldn’t?

When Greta falls in love with the grocery boy, Malcolm, the trouble begins, and Greta’s world is soon filled with horror, because the doll is more than just a doll.

The Boy stars Lauren Cohan as Greta, Rupert Evans as Malcolm, Jim Norton as Mr. Heelshire, Diana Hardcastle as Mrs. Heelshire, Jett Klyne as young Brahms Heelshire and James Russell as adult Brahms Heelshire.

The Boy is a great movie for those who love horror mystery. The movie is filled with moments that intrigue the viewer.