Student Spotlight: Sheri


Madisyn Wright

Some people are gifted with being able to easily entertain and captivate even strangers. Sophomore Sheri Donaldson does just that. She never seems to mind going all out in the activities she’s involved in, and her education is no exception.  

“I want to go to college somewhere big and far away,” Donaldson said. “Somewhere like New York or California.”

Donaldson is involved in theatre, cheer, cross country and speech. She also has an interest in cosmetics.

“I’d like to study cosmetology,” Donaldson said. “I really love makeup.”

She said theatre is very involved and takes a lot of energy. Donaldson doesn’t mind this at all, she enjoys it.

“I have done OAP in the past,” Donaldson said. “And I’m excited for it this year.”

This summer some of the theatre kids (including Donaldson) toured the Big Apple and saw Broadway shows.

“New York was so amazing,” Donaldson said. “There was such a diverse lifestyle. I loved seeing the Broadway shows, and we got to meet some really cool people.”