Student Spotlight: Colby Menefee


Josalyn Taylor

Big city traveling and small town living might seem like opposites, but for freshman Colby Menefee, they are the norm. Starting high school this year, he doesn’t let the pressure of a new campus, more people or more classes intimidate him.

“Although the school is bigger, it took me a short amount of time to find my classes,” Menefee said.

Some of his laid-back attitude about the pressures of high school may come from seeing as many new places as he has while traveling. In addition to family trips out of state and out of the country, Menefee has traveled out of state for the past several years for national figure skating competitions.

“My favorite place that I have traveled to so far would be Massachusetts,” Menefee said. “The beaches are beautiful.”

Although he’s been in high school for just a few weeks, Menefee is already involved in multiple activities: theatre, journalism, and competitive speech take a lot of his time, as does being assistant drum major. He was also elected as both a freshman class officer and a student council officer. Theatre is what he enjoys the most.

“Out of all the classes I’m taking, theatre is my favorite,” Menefee said. “I love how it feels to act.”

His favorite Broadway musical, Hamilton, was introduced to him by theatre director Jill Henson over the summer.

“I want to travel in time to meet Alexander Hamilton,” Menefee said. “I want to get more insight on the real Hamilton, how he really felt.”

Although Menefee has been to many places outside of Texas, he still wishes to travel to more, including Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

“Prague is a beautiful city,” Menefee said. “The old city street’s are intriguing.”