Po continues his journey in Kung Fu Panda 3


Po and the Furious Five are back, now with even more awesome adventures. Follow them through their inspiring journey in Kung Fu Panda 3. Po, the fun, clumsy dragon warrior finally meets his dad. The two then travel together to a secret place that is full of pandas. However, things begin to turn south when word gets out about an evil villain named Kai who has been residing in the spirit realm collecting chis from masters he has defeated. When Kai finally gets his hands on one of the strongest kung-fu masters chis in the realm, he opens a portal to Earth and begins to wreak havoc.

Now, Po has to train the pandas to battle the evil Kai, who will not stop at anything until he has all of the panda’s chis. However, there is only one problem, Kai can only be defeated by the true Master of Chi. Po realizes then that even he is not ready to take on the full force of Kai, or rather he doesn’t believe he is ready. He now must step up to the plate and believe in himself or the pandas will never defeat Kai.

Directors Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh made yet another wonderful movie. Kung Fu Panda 3 was well made and very colorful. Jack Black was just as fun as he usually is and the new characters that the added in worked well with the story. It’s release date was on January 29 so it is still out in theatres. You would think that the movies are becoming played out, but this one has a fresh feel to it that will not bore you half way through. This movie is rated PG.